Hello World!

Hello World! Is not what one is supposed to say when one is born in the virtual world, on www?  Then again, in the physical world, a newly born child doesn’t speak. It cries. The tender sound which could be a little harsh sometimes is the sign of its vitality. A healthy sign, people say. We are not newborns. We; the Founders, the Winemakers, the Marketers, the Distributors, the Plant Workers; even yours truly, the Blog writer, we are way past of our legal drinking age. But our conception is a newborn. India, the country of Beer Drinkers, Rum Drinkers, Whisky Drinkers, Feni Drinkers, Dawa Drinkers, Tadi Drinkers, Mahua Drinkers, and ubiquitous Country Liquor Drinkers, will produce the Purest and Finest Fruit Wine in the World. That’s the DREAM!

So, the next time you’re in a French Vineyard, or in an Italian one, looking at the acres of plantation, the sophisticated attached plant, the devotion of the wine making families and then wondering will this high art ever reach the Indian shore… well, you have set yourself up for a pleasant surprise.

And the surprises will be unfolded on the blog. And our journey too. And all the joy and the agony associated with it. We will laugh aloud with all of you sharing the good things of life and will cry openly in your midst in creative desperation. Is not cry a sign of vitality?

Hello World!

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