P’s SPA-cial Valentine


There are men who do not bother to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Kind of stoics.‘Just like another day’, thy say. ‘What does it matter, what’s the difference does it make if it’s 14th or 15th’, they say. Boring, imbecile men!

There are a traditional few who make it a point to wish and take their lady love out for a dinner or for a long drive. ‘Let’s go to Prem’s, honey and drink Black Dog together’, they almost beg on their knees. Whoa! Mister! Hear yourself saying that. Black Dog is your favourite, not mine. You go and knock yourself out. What do I care?

Or they say, ‘Oh, honey, let’s drive all the way to Thosegad.There is this huge spring, let’s have an open air picnic there.’ The glee and enthusiasm on their faces may scare you. An open air picnic unlike an open air movie, is actually a work. Your responsibility is NOT to munch stale popcorn’s anymore but to make them. My name is P. I don’t fall for these traps.

‘So P,’ Vimal, Shruti’s husband, asked, ‘what a man could do to treat his lady love nicely on a Valentine’s Day?’

I said, ’Plenty.’

You wish to do something special for your girl? Then surprise her. And don’t make her work too hard. Sing, go dancing, cook, fly to Timbuktu, do dishes, buy expensive gifts… the list is endless.

Last time I went to Post 91 with friends. Man, what a place! Good food, red wine, Jazz, cherry on cake. Perfect!

This time, of course, I asked ‘M’ to make it really Spa-cial. You know, S-P-A-cial. Like SPA and Facial. Oh, it kind of puns! I didn’t notice it before. 😉

Now, don’t make those wired faces after hearing the word, Spa. ‘M’ did. It took me thirty seconds of tactical berating to make him smile again. Thank God, he was happy as a child. But people veer.

Men don’t know but they should sometimes escape from their prized macho world: the office, the cricket field and the realm of top notch performance and dog eats dog kind of world.And be a little self-indulgent. No! Buying electronic junks don’t ever count. That’s a hobby at best.

My friend Shruti is a big spender and tries to make others spend too, as if the revival of the economy depends solely on her. She suggested big, costly names. My ‘M’ is a little on the thrifty side and I don’t mind that. We kind of balance each other that way. So, he and I went to this Aroghya Spa, on a, ahem, ahem, one on one offer. All thanks to his breathtaking command on Google search.

Where we did all these detailed stuffs, like really detailed,but…wait, I can actuallyread you out from the brochure:

Relax – Vishudha
120 minutes:

“Spice scrub wrap and aromatherapy massage: This treatment begins with a deeply nourishing herbal scrub and heat-stimulating wrap with exotic spices, followed by an hour-long indulgent full-body massage. This energizing treatment relieves muscular tension and improves blood circulation.”


So, actually, we just lied down there and surrendered ourselves to their mercy and they did all kind of stuffs. Heavenly.

At night, ‘M’ blindfolded and took me to the window where he had arranged Italian dishes that he claimed he cooked himself, so proud of him!


With some soft music and dim lights, he opened my fold and fed me with a spoon from the dishes. Trust me when I say, I could have fainted. But I decided to wait out for the rest of the night.

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