The Holi-ness of Ours!

A sunny day at Mathura. This mischievous young lad, a little dark skinned, up for some high definition mischief, splashed blue gulal all over Radha, the most beautiful woman in Mathura. She was older to him, someone else’s wife. But it didn’t deter him.

Radha was taken aback. It was beyond a naughty gesture; it was against the social norm, an act of daredevil. A clamp that was usually shut tight deep inside our minds and kept the rush of earthy impulses in hold came undone. The otherwise shy Radha, picked up her flowing ghagara and ran away quickly only to come back with a long pichakari.

‘Balam pichakari/ Joh tune mujhe maari/ Toh seedhi sadhi chori/ Sharabi ho gayi.’


She poured pink and pink and pink over Krishna. That’s her colour.

In the olden days people used to play with dry colours, but over the years things have become more chemical and,…kind of industrial. Colours are now brighter and sticky. One hours of Holi, followed by three hours in the bath, followed by one week of living life with a faint green face.

I hear Shruti say: Red signifies passion and fire. Blue stands for peace and heavenly living. Green symbolizes energy and nature. Yellow brings in warmness and joyfulness.

These are the colours generally used in the Holi, a festival symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Don’t ask me how. That’s a long story involving one egoistic demon named Hirnyakashypu.
Also, previously restaurants didn’t use to allow the patrons who didn’t have a bath on the day of Holi. Time has changed. Now the super-confident patrons, hidden behind the two-inch layer of twenty colliding colours, take selfies to upload on FaceBook. And you, the cricket buff, haven’t you enjoyed how the team blue trounced the team maroon in the world cup yesterday?

Well, for us,the day went by tasting the new batch of Come On Charlie!, our new strawberry wine. Nowadays when we hold it in a wineglass against the light, it looks clearer and clearer with a rich golden hue promising a refined land of taste. We are very hopeful. I think, so should be you.

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