The Right Way – The Education Of Jiggy (Part 3)

Jiggy was enthralled. He always thought of alcohol as something that got you drunk. That was its motive and his motive too. The finer nuances of alcoholic beverages had always escaped him. How could he have missed all this?

Charlie again instructed him to take just a tiny slurp of his wine. No more.

Then Jiggy was instructed to keep that tiny amount of wine inside his mouth and swirl it for some time.

It tasted so different now! He could taste the spirit; he could taste the flavor of grapes and even some kind of wood.


Charlie understood this and poured another sipful of wine into Jiggy’s glass.

“This time, do it even slower. After 10 or more sips you will know how much you have to take in to enjoy all the flavors in it.”

Jiggy only nodded and took another sip. He was transported into another world altogether.

The advice Charlie was giving was not so different from the advice his mom gave him when he was a child. His mom always scolded him because he crammed up too much food in his mouth, too quickly. She always instructed Jiggy to eat food in small morsels. She said that’s how food tastes great.

She also said that food should be chewed properly, that the teeth and saliva will breakdown the food and releases all the flavors, often missed due to hurried eating.

He always ignored that advice until he started earning well and went to gourmet restaurants. A single course in the five-course meal was so less! He was afraid he might end up hungry after eating that, five times over. The friend who had accompanied him had helped, and all his mom’s teachings came back flooding.

He enjoyed the food immensely. He realized there was much to this food that just looks or expense. It was a work of art.

Ditto with alcohol. He always drank to get drunk. He mixed carbonated drinks in his whiskey and vodka and rum. He drank beer too quickly, too much. He never understood the significance of aging a whiskey. Why did it matter? Every drink got him high in the end. That was the motive wasn’t it?

Now he realized it wasn’t so. There was more to drinking than just getting high and tipsy.

Now that he was swirling the lovely wine inside his mouth he could taste more than just strawberries. He could taste so many flavors. He could smell the spirit and more.

After he gulped down the last sip, Charlie put down the bottle on the table. They were sitting in the garden within the brewery premises. The sun was almost down and it left hues of bright orange and red scattered through the horizon.

“You drink some of this and then some of that.” Charlie said, gesturing to the wine first and then the sunset.

Jiggy nodded. He understood.

“I want to know how it is made. And the effort that goes into it.” Jiggy said.

“Of course.”, replied Charlie.

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