Change of Seasons and a Respite

Pitter patter. And the drops fall, first ever so lightly, like a kiss from the lightest of lips. Then building up to a frenzy of a passionate outburst. People welcome this outburst. They will not stop on their vehicles. They will get drenched. They will breathe in the wet air and smile and laugh. They will seek shelter against the downpour but will not complain. There is a look of gratitude on their faces.

The rain played hide and seek for the past month like a very shy squirrel that will eat food off your hands but will not let you pet it. One day the rain will fall and then the sun will come up with its entire splendor. The ground that was wet will now vapor and fill everything with humidity. Clothes stick to the bodies in sweat. The air is thick and people pray for some more rain. Such is the allure of this season.

Blog Posts (Monsoon)

The summer is enjoyed well. Sun and holidays. Lovely days at the swimming pools or hill stations to cool off. Air conditioners and fans and coolers at full blast. Sunglasses and hats and floral umbrellas.

Then like a house guest who has outlived his welcome the sun isn’t missed anymore. Too much time has been spent in its golden glory. Give us the ambrosia of rain water. Give us a respite from this glare.

The rain god has heard and obliges. He fights with the sun god and wrestles. It is a tense battle and people gaze up at the sky and see the dark clouds forming and enveloping the sun and covering them in the cool shade. They cheer of the rain god. He loves it and fights even harder.

And like that one day, he covers the whole skyline with his darkest clouds. Heavy with the water of countless seas and oceans, the clouds are laden like breasts of the mother of a newborn child.

We are the children. It is like the mother’s milk. And she gives it to us. The clouds rip apart and waters fall. Children play in the puddles. Parents shout at them. Yet they play. Playfulness is seen around.

Raincoats are taken out of their deep summer slumber. Fans are no longer used. Air conditioners too. And the air is moist and cool and the sweat of summer is replaced with the water of monsoon. Raincoats and black umbrellas and waterproof mascaras.

The rain god has won and it knows people are happy.

Until they get tired of all the water, and then ask for some sun.

Then the gods will wrestle again.

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