Our Website is Ready! Hold On to Your Horses!


After years of preparation, hard work, and fine tuning, we are another step ahead. Te website is set to go live on the 6th of this month! And we are very excited! The wine is ready too. But that is hardly relevant or sufficient if you want to sell it. There’s tons of work remaining AFTER you have the wine you are happy with. There’s kilometers of red tape to go through, distributors to woo, advertising, marketing, product design – the whole shebang. That’s when you realize that making and perfecting the wine you wanted to sell, however hard the work was, was just the first step. We celebrate the small steps – this time it’s the website. It’s one step ahead. Bottle labels are being prepared and efforts are on to make the product beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Then there’s the real effort to woo customers. A good wine will sell itself – eventually, but that takes time. Then there’s the issue of making people aware of the benefits of drinking wine. When the whole thing is done and the bottles are lined up on a store’s cabinet, we hope people buy it because it looks good and love it because it tastes good. We carry the same philosophy with the website – we made it to reflect the happiness that lies inside the wine. And for people who are not in a store can glance and read about the wine. Then they can taste it and then fall in love.

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