This is the official WordPress page of WildBerry Beverages Pvt. Ltd., India’s Finest and Purest Fruit Wine Company. In reality, it’s a fun page. Here, mostly we will talk about Wine, Fruit Wine, The Art Of Making Wine, Music, Literature, Entertainment, Adventure and above all, Romance. Of course, we will also take you through our personal journey, the roller-coaster ride that we are having right now. To make you a little dizzy even when if you aren’t drinking our precious wines. : )

If you have the slightest intention of joining our fan club: Clink! (Oh, there are huge benefits attached to it!), message us or put “I Love You” as a comment. : )

To hear from our Great Brand Ambassador, Charlie aka Charles X, follow him on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Come-On-Charlie/1509418012656627?ref=hl or on https://twitter.com/ComeOnCharlie

To know even more about us, visit http://www.wildberry.co.in










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